Florence Pugh Thinks Relationship With Zach Braff ‘Bugs People’ For Reason OTHER Than The Age Gap?!

Not shipping it??

Florence Pugh thinks the major backlash she has received for dating Zach Braff is NOT because of the MAJOR age gap but for a much, much sillier reason.

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While speaking to The Sunday Times ahead of the release of her highly anticipated Marvel debut, Black Widow, the 25-year-old discussed her controversial relationship with the Garden State star (who’s 21 years older than she is), admitting:

“I think it bugs people that it’s not who they expected.”

Oh, does she mean someone younger? Well, yes, but not just anyone — someone specific!

The interviewer asked who was on everyone’s mind, chiming in:

“Who should [you] be with, then? Timothée?”

Bingo! She thinks people wish she was dating Timothée Chalamet, her onscreen love interest from Little Women! She explained:

“Exactly. But it’s my life and I’m not doing anything to please people or to make it a better headline or story. I want to also be a person!”

The duo certainly were beloved by many filmgoers and looked HAWT together, but the chemistry wasn’t there for the peers off-screen — since Pugh had her eyes on a much older guy!

The Midsommar star also got candid about the emotional video she uploaded last year, striking back at haters for bullying her over a tribute she posted in honor of the Scrubs alum’s 46th birthday. In the clip (below), she insisted it was no one’s place to tell her “who I should and should not love” and that her personal life “has nothing to do with” fans. Thinking back on that dramatic time, the Oxford native mused:

“It’s so weird to me to go on to someone’s page and s**t on it. That’s so not my nature — to go and bully for the sake of bullying.”

While she could give a damn if anyone liked her, Florence would like haters to get off her feed, explaining:

“It’s such an odd thing that we’ve become OK with in the past ten years of social media. The thing is, people want Instagram to be a nicer place, they want to see nice things. They want to be inspired and they want to be happy. I don’t mind you not liking me, that’s absolutely fine. In which case don’t follow me.”

Simple as that!

Florence and Zach’s relationship has remained fairly private due to criticism, but that hasn’t stopped the starlet from shutting down negativity.

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When Braff commented on one of her IG posts using a princess emoji, a so-called supporter wrote:

“you’re 44 years old.”

To which the Oscar nominee boldly responded:

“And yet he got it

HAHA!! That’ll shut them up! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think all this backlash really boils down to the fact that fans can’t stop shipping her and Timothée? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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