Amber Heard accused of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend

Amber Heard accused of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend. Amber Heard was accused of abusing her ex-girlfriend.

36-year-old American actress Amber Heard was accused of abusing her ex-girlfriend. It is reported by DailyMail.
At the next trial in the libel case of Amber Heard against her ex-husband, 56-year-old actor Johnny Depp, the latter’s lawyer Camilla Vazquez accused the Aquaman star of abusing her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

According to the lawyer, in 2009, two police officers watched Hurd first hit her lover and then tore off her necklace. Then the actress was arrested, but the charges were quickly dropped. “Johnny Depp is not the only partner you attacked,” Vasquez said in court.

The actress denied this information, saying that she never used force against her lovers: “I never attacked Mr. Depp or any other person with whom I had a romantic relationship, never.”
During the meeting, the jury was also shown a video in which Amber Heard is riding in an elevator with American actor James Franco, to whom, as it became known in court, Johnny Depp was jealous, being sure that his wife and artist were having an affair. The footage shows Frank resting his head on Amber’s shoulder.

In her defense, the actress said that the star of the film “Why is he?” thus, he supported her: a day before their meeting, Depp threw a phone at Heard, leaving a bruise on her cheek.
Amber Heard previously confirmed that her role in the second part of the Aquaman movie was cut to 10 minutes.


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