Trevor Bauer accuser boasted about getting in the Dodgers pitcher’s head after he lost two games

The woman who accused Dodgers star Trevor Bauer of sexual assault sent messages to a friend boasting how she ‘got into his head’ when the LA pitcher lost two games to the San Diego Padres shortly after their first meeting.

A cache of social media messages sent by ‘Ms Hill’ to a male friend and seen by also reveal she previously had a fling with Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr and resigned from the team’s Pad Squad group of ‘brand ambassadors’ when the relationship was discovered.

She also talked about how she got ‘my hooks into him’ during a discussion about Bauer and responded to a meme about the Padres’ win by telling her friend: ‘Ur welcome for getting in his head [sic]’. She followed that with a dollar smile emoji.

Speaking exclusively to, the friend said he had come forward because he wanted all the facts to be aired and has given a statement to both the Pasadena Police Department and the MLB. 

The woman, identified only as ‘Ms Hill’, boasted about getting in Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer’s ‘head’ in messages sent to a friend, has learned 

Hill, who has accused Bauer of becoming violent during their two sexual encounters, also revealed she previously had a fling with San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr (right)

Instagram DMs obtained by show Hill in October replied to a friend’s story about Tatis Jr leaping over another player during a game, saying ‘Thats (sic) how he hopped on top of me’ 

He said: ‘I reached out to both sides – to the plaintiff directly and Trevor’s agent. My goal in getting these messages out is just to help the truth come to light.

‘I’m not necessarily trying to corroborate anybody’s story or say anyone is right or wrong here. I’m just trying to make sure all the pertinent information is out there.

‘I’m trying to make sure it’s fair.’

He added: ‘This is a friend of mine accusing somebody I’ve never met in my whole life of something pretty terrible and my goal in this is just to make sure that all the facts that need to be are present for the parties so they can make the right decision.

‘I’ve spoken to both of them and given my statements to both of them. There’s no secrets – my attorney’s letter went to both sides and we’re making sure both sides have the information.’

His attorney Dan Gilleon added: ‘My client just wants to do the right thing and he has spoken to the police and MLB and passed on this information.’

The messages, which begin on October 2, 2020, start with Hill’s response to a social media post showing Tatis in the air in which she says ‘that’s how he hopped on top of me.’ 

She then goes on to tell her friend that the player ‘is king’, adding ‘Best sex of my LIFE [sic]’. 

When asked if she talked to Tatis, she replied: ‘He is king. Best sex OF MY LIFE’  

Hill admitted she had to quit the Padres’ Pad Squad of ‘brand ambassadors’ because of their relationship

She also bragged about already ‘having my hooks in’ with Bauer and shared screenshots of their conversations 

The woman added: ‘I can’t believe I achieved that. Life changing. He was the reason I had to resign from pad squad [sic].’

The Pad Squad is the Padre’s take on a cheer squad, although the largely female group only perform a routine on opening day.

The rules include a ban on having relationships with players.

Then, in April, she sent messages boasting of her contact with Bauer and telling her friend she would be going to his home. 

She wrote: ‘I already have my hooks in. You know how I roll.’

Hill’s Padres supporter friend then replied: ‘If you don’t tell him [Bauer] “Tatis was better” after you are done via dm [direct message], this is the ultimate fail.’

She replies: ‘I’m going to literally get into his head. And find pine tar [wink emoji]. Trust me I know what I’m doing. I can get in his head.’

Her friend then tells her ‘you’re worth more than this nonsense’ before she replies saying ‘ugh. He’s so intriguing to me though.’

She adds: ‘He’s a whackadoodle like Clev [Mike Clevinger, now of the Cleveland Indians]. No wonder they are best friends.’

When the friend joked that she should tease Bauer about Tatis, she replies: ‘Trust me I know what I’m doing. I can get in his head’

On April 23, after her first encounter with Bauer and after the Dodgers lost to the Padres, she messaged her friend in response to a meme showing a victorious Tatis: ‘Ur welcome for getting in his head [sic]’ along with a dollar smile emoji.

Fernando Tatis Jr celebrates his solo homerun in front of Trevor Bauer of the Los Angeles Dodgers during the first inning at Dodger Stadium on April 24, 2021 in Los Angeles, California

Then following her first encounter with Bauer and after the Padres beat the Dodgers on April 23, she messaged her friend in response to a meme showing a victorious Tatis: ‘Ur welcome for getting in his head [sic]’ along with a dollar smile emoji. 

Hill continued to talk to her friend after her sex assault claims emerged in the media, with messages showing her complaining about Pasadena PD and calling them ‘corrupt f***ers.’

She added: ‘Omg yeah I mean they already interrogated me about ‘setting this up’ and I spoke firmly about how I joked about his amount of money and how I wanted to be a baseball wife and my attorney totally ripped them for that.’

The cache of messages is the latest twist in a case that began when the woman, 27, applied for a restraining order against Bauer, 30, on June 29.

In her complaint, she said what began as consensual sex descended into a nightmare when he allegedly choked her unconscious and sodomized her during their first encounter at the end of April.

Despite claiming she was left bleeding after the encounter, she returned to his home on May 15 and engaged in consensual sex for a second time – during which, she claims, he again choked her unconscious.

Hill continued to talk to her friend after her sex assault claims emerged in the media but said she ‘legally can’t talk about anything’ 

Messages also show her complaining about Pasadena PD and calling them ‘corrupt f***ers’. The friend, who has given a statement to Pasadena Police and the MLB, told he had come forward ‘to help the truth come to light’

In her complaint, she says she woke up to find him punching her in the face and vagina and was left with two black eyes and a split lip. She also alleged she was left with ‘signs of a skull fracture’ – though those claims have not been confirmed. 

She said she went to hospital in San Diego the following day due to the pain and was diagnosed with ‘acute head trauma.’ 

Medics then called the police and after initially being reluctant to speak with them, she then went on to make a statement and later spoke with Bauer in a call recorded by the cops.

But last week, obtained text messages sent by the woman to Bauer following the first alleged assault that appeared to contradict her account – with Hill telling the player she had enjoyed being choked during the first sex session and asking him to do it again.

Responding to a comment about her pink socks, the woman wrote: ‘Buttttt offff [sic] when it’s time to choke me out. You’re the best.’

Last month, Hill applied for a temporary restraining order against Bauer claiming he violently assaulted her during two sexual encounters. Photos included in her filing showed she sustained bruising under her eyes and cuts to her lip after the encounter

A copy of the temporary restraining order obtained by shows Bauer is banned from contacting her or going anywhere near her San Diego home last week obtained texts sent to Bauer on May 9 – showing Hill told him she enjoyed being ‘choked out’ during and asked him to do it again

She goes on to say: ‘Never been more turned on in my life. Gimme all the pain. Rawr [sic].’ 

The conversation then becomes sexual as Bauer asks her to describe what she wants him to do. 

She tells Bauer: ‘Mmmm, get a couple of slaps in there and then another handprint on my @$$.’

When he clarifies if she means ‘slaps in the face,’ she replies: ‘Yes yes & yes’. 

‘Mmmm. Do you even know what pain is?’ he asks. 

Hill then replies with a selfie, adding, ‘Idk. Try me’.   

A hearing to determine the validity of the temporary ex parte restraining order is scheduled for July 23 in civil court.

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