Escort found dead in barrel left crack pipes and marijuana in her hotel room before she died

A New York City escort who was found dead in a barrel left two crack pipes, a nearly empty bottle of booze and marijuana in a hotel room she stayed in before she died. 

Nicole Flanagan’s body was discovered last Friday when residents of Ridgefield Park in New Jersey reported a revolting smell coming from the large plastic container at the corner of Hobart Street and Teaneck Road, police said. 

The New York Post reported that prior to her death Flanagan checked into the Hampton Inn on Pearl Street, Lower Manhattan, on August 4 for a planned one-night stay in Room 804.

Prior to her death Nicole Flanagan (pictured) checked into the Hampton Inn on Pearl Street on August 4 for a planned one-night stay in Room 804

Flanagan’s body was found in a 55-gallon barrel in a New Jersey last week after being carted out of 95 Wall Street in the barrel on Thursday

A hotel worker told the Post that they found a nearly empty bottle of booze, crack pipes and a joint in her hotel room.

The booze and drugs were found in a luxury room in the hotel that that usually goes for $300 a night but Flanagan, a frequent guest, used her ‘silver member’ points to cut the cost in half, the hotel worker said. 

‘It’s the best room — with a balcony, the city view and everything,’ the worker said. 

Flanagan either left the room late August 4 or very early on the morning of August 5 but never returned to check out, so the hotel extended her stay and charged her an an extra $100, the worker said.

Police in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, on Friday were called to reports of a strange barrel left in the street (pictured)

Officers are seen inspecting the green barrel Flanagan’s body was found in in footage obtained by CBS News

But when employees realized she was not returning they entered the room and found crack pipes, an almost empty bottle of Hennessy cognac and weed laying around, the worker told the Post. 

Also found in the room were a pair of pink panties, a pair of black ‘booty shorts,’ cosmetic bags and a single, slingback stiletto heel shoe, the worker said.  

Days after her apparent wild hotel stay the mother-of-three’s body was found in a barrel. 

Her body did not show any signs of injuries, and police are currently awaiting the results of a toxicology report.  

The 42-year-old was last seen on surveillance footage on August 6 entering a swanky building at 95 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan, sources said.

Surveillance footage from the building showed a plastic barrel being carted from 95 Wall Street and loaded into a U-Haul van around 10.45pm on August 12, according to police sources.

Earlier in the evening, she was accompanied by the man the NYPD identified, a 25-year-old who has since been said to be a member of the notorious SNOW Gang, according to the New York Post. 

The gang member is considered a person of interest in Flanagan’s death and is being sought by the NYPD for questioning, the Post reported. 

Police in bulletproof vests on Thursday raided the apartment on the 22nd floor, which Flanagan listed as a residence.

But neighbors said they missed the ‘two guys’ that live there by a few hours.

‘They were OK guys. They would stop and talk. They were loud and would play hip-hop music but they seemed harmless,’ one neighbor told the Daily News. ‘You never know. One day they seem harmless, but one day you’re in a barrel in New Jersey.’

Another resident said he had been on a Zoom call when he heard ‘a big noise’ at around 11.15am.

‘I heard, “Get down! Get down! Get down!” he said. ‘Not being afraid I just opened my door to see what was happening and there were eight policemen with guns drawn and they had pried the door.’

One neighbor living next to the men on the 22nd floor said the cops had ‘missed these guys by a few hours.’

‘I thought they were dealing drugs, but they were always riding skateboards. I just thought they were on the delivery end. Their apartment smelled like marijuana and bad air freshener. They always had some strange incense going,’ he added.

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