Well-known anti-vaxxer captures the moment she is pulled over and arrested by cops in Melbourne

Anti-vaxxer films the moment she is detained by cops outside her 5km radius before refusing to hand over her ID

  • Monica Smit was stopped by police in Melbourne on Tuesday at 1:20pm
  • The anti-vaxxer decided to livestream the incident to her followers on Facebook 
  • Ms Smit thought she was pulled over because she was outside her 5km radius
  • The police officers then approached her vehicle and arrested her for incitement 
  • Police confirmed a 31-year-old woman was set to face court on Thursday 








A well-known anti-vaxxer has livestreamed the moment she was pulled over and arrested by police outside her five kilometre radius. 

Monica Smit, the founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, a movement aimed at protesting Covid lockdowns and vaccines, was stopped by police in Brighton in Melbourne’s southeast at about 1:20pm on Tuesday.

Ms Smit decided to pick up her phone and livestream the incident on Facebook to show her followers as evidence ‘just in case’.

‘I’ve just been pulled over by the cops, probably because I’m outside my 5km. But we’ll see what happens,’ Ms Smit said. 

Prominent anti-vaxxer Monica Smit was pulled over by police on Tuesday in what she believed was due to her being outside her 5km radius

The anti-vaxxer looked frustrated and let out a large sigh as she waited in her vehicle for the police to address her.

As the police approached Ms Smit’s window, one officer said: ‘Hello Monica, how are you doing?’

The officers from Springvale Police Station then informed Ms Smit they needed to place her under arrest for a matter of incitement.

Completely shocked by the arrest, Mr Smit asked: ‘Have you guys been following me?’

The anti-vaxxer decided to livestream the arrest to her followers on Facebook and was subsequently arrested by the officers for incitement

The officers continued to tell her that anything she said may be used as evidence in court and asked if she understood.

‘No comment,’ Ms Smit said.

Before officers ended the video, Ms Smit urged her followers to share the video on social media as much as possible.

A Victoria police spokesperson confirmed in a statement that a 31-year-old Pakenham woman had been charged following an investigation into alleged online incitement of persons to breach the state’s Chief Health Officer’s directions. 

‘Police subsequently executed search warrants at residences in Pakenham and Hampton,’ a police spokesperson said.

‘The woman has since been charged with two counts of incitement and three counts of breaching the Chief Health Officer’s Directions and remanded to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on September 1.’

The anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown group shared a statement from Ms Smit’s parents to their followers on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Ms Smit’s parents said: ‘Thank you ALL for your kind thoughts, words and especially your prayers! We’re dealing with a ‘broken system’.’

‘We hope, pray and keep strong.’

A Victoria Police spokesperson confirmed a 31-year-old had been charged following an investigation into online incitement and would face court on Thursday


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