George P. Bush says mounted agents used split reins to control their horses NOT whip migrants

George P. Bush visited the southern border over the weekend and lashed out at Joe Biden and his administration for the outrage over images of agents on horseback wrangling illegal immigrants.

‘After false outrage over a misinterpreted photo, Biden has stripped yet another tool from our men & women protecting this country,’ Bush, who currently serves as the Texas Land Commissioner, tweeted on Saturday.

‘Enough is enough,’ he continued. ‘Stop attacking our border patrol & give them the resources necessary to secure the border instead of setting them up for failure.’

The White House announced on Thursday that it would no longer allow Border Patrol agents in Del Rio to ride on horseback after images emerged of them using what some deemed to be whips to wrangle mostly Haitian migrants in the Department of Homeland Security’s ramped up deportation efforts.

Bush is running to be the next Texas attorney general. He insisted on Twitter that agents need horses as a mode of transportation along the ‘hard terrain’ of the southern border. 

‘This is the reality of our border,’ he tweeted along with a video showing the hilly, rocky and sandy area surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border. ‘It’s not a picturesque landscape like Joe Biden wants everyone to believe. It’s hard terrain that requires agility and adaptability, something a horse conquers easily.’

‘It’s split reins that help give the agents additional control over the horse that they are using as a tool-not a weapon,’ he added.

‘They’re certainly not whips, as Biden and Kamala want us to believe.’

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush met with Border Patrol agents on horseback over the weekend in pushing back against the Biden administration for banning the use of horses in Del Rio 

Bush posted a video showing the rough terrain of the southern border, insisting horses are needed by agents to navigate it 

He also said the ‘split reins’ are used for control over the horse and are ‘not a weapon’ 

Bush claimed the Biden administration is setting up agents for failure after banning the use of horses in Del Rio, Texas – where a group of 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants set up camp earlier this month 

Images went viral of Border Patrol agents as people accused them of using their reins to ‘whip’ migrants at the encampment near the Del Rio International Bridge

Bush has taken an active role in pushing back against Biden’s border policies.

He joined the Texas Defense Task Force in July, which is suing Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ‘on grounds of illegally preventing the border wall from being constructed.’

Bush also granted ’emergency authorization’ to fund border wall construction on Lone Star State land and struck deals with Customs and Border Protection CBP for the agency to lease land from the state in order to better patrol and conduct operations.

Outrage ensued last week after these images of horseback Border Patrol agents emerged.

Some insisted they were whipping migrants with what appeared to lariats. Others defended the actions, claiming they were just using the ‘split reins’ to properly ride and direct their horses.

Mayorkas said the agents in question were reassigned to administrative duties and an investigation was launched into the scenes in question. 

Bush spoke with horseback agents in a video he posted to Twitter on Saturday

Agents are angered that they are facing consequences, claiming they were only using reins on horses or to ward off immigrants – but not to whip them

The photographer who took the images of the agents on horseback, Paul Ratje, did not see any agents use reins to whip migrants

Agents are angered that they are facing consequences after being directed to do their job. They have reasoned that they were only using the reins on horses or to ward off immigrants – but not to whip them.

Representative Maxine Waters of California claimed the ‘whipping’ images are ‘worse than slavery’ and fellow black Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley suggested the actions were counterintuitive to the Black Live Matter movement as they were used on black Haitian migrants.

The images – and use of horses to wrangle immigrants – were a direct result of DHS fast-tracking deportation efforts. The group was instructed to get migrants ready for removal flights or deter them from making it back to the U.S. side of the border from Mexico.

DHS increased the number of removal flights to migrants’ homeland last week and attempted to swiftly break up the encampment near the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas.

The makeshift camp emerged over the last month as a group of nearly 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants crossed into the U.S. from Mexico, some claiming they felt it was the best place to seek asylum because of President Biden’s border policies.

Mayorkas insisted when visiting Texas this month that the border is ‘closed,’ even though thousands of Afghan refugees are being flown into the U.S. to military bases and then resettled in the country after Biden’s bungled withdrawal in August.

Migrants, mostly Haitian, are released from CBP custody in Del Rio, Texas after living in the makeshift camp around the bridge. Most are being transported to Houston or San Antonio before being released to friend and family in the U.S. 

Last Sunday, removal flights to Haiti ensued with three landing in Port-au-Prince that day and another handful the next day with the flight continuing throughout the week.

Partial information released by DHS on Thursday accounts for only 10,000 of the 15,000 migrants who set up camp in Del Ri0, Texas – leading some to believe that another 5,000 have just been released into the U.S.

The information DHS did release shows that 1,401 migrants sent back to Haiti on 12 flights, 3,206 remain in custody, and 5,000 are still camped out beneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

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