‘Rain bomb’ coming with ‘giant hail and supercell storms’ set to hit Victoria, Queensland and NSW

Six months of ‘extreme’ weather to start TODAY: Australia’s east coast braces for flash flooding and supercell storms – and patterns will last until March next year

  • Bureau of Meteorology warns residents in four states to expect rain and flooding
  • Storms to bring damaging winds and hail to Victoria’s north and central NSW
  • Massive storms will last all week and begin six months of extreme weather 








The east coast of Australia is bracing for a ‘massive and unpredictable’ system of storms to bring torrential rain, flash flooding, damaging winds, thunderstorms and hail to four states.

The low pressure system was moving east from central Australia on Tuesday and already bringing rain and lightning to northern Victoria and central NSW.

It will batter regional towns and big cities on Wednesday and Thursday bringing between 25mm and 50mm of rain over a huge area stretching from Tasmania to south east Queensland.

The east coast of Australia is bracing for a massive unpredictable system of storms set to bring torrential rain, flash flooding, damaging winds, thunderstorms and hail to three states. Pedestrians are pictured in Brisbane, which is set to see rain on Thursday

Melbourne could see two to three weeks worth of rain on Wednesday, with between 15mm and 25mm for the city

The massive low pressure system will bring heavy rain, possible flooding, storms, hail and damaging high winds of much of the east coast from Wednesday

The front was moving quickly on Tuesday, with lightning strikes recorded in the NSW central west, between Cobar and Parkes, in the afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the storm system is so big that four states will all be affected by heavy rain and ferocious winds on Wednesday and Thursday.

‘This is significant because it is spreading over multiple states over multiple days and is the first significant storm event we are expecting over this coming severe weather season,’ said Miriam Bradbury from BoM.

The severe weather season is set to produce Australia’s worst weather between now and March. 

That is likely to include heavy rainfall, flooding, high temperatures and bushfires, said Ms Bradbury.

Victoria’s northern high country, including Malee and Wimmera, are at risk of severe storms that could bring up to 50mm of rain, flash flooding, large hail and damaging winds of more than 90 kilometres and hour.

The major risks on Wednesday include flash flooding for north east and central Victoria, the Barwon River area and Otway Coast, meaning towns such as Mildura, Shepparton, Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga could be affected.

Ms Bradbury urged residents to keep checking the BoM site for flood warnings in their area as they will be continually updated over the next three days. 

Sydney is expected to see rain on Wednesday and Thursday this week but may see a glimpse of sun by the weekend

Umbrellas will be essential for anyone out about about in Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday with rain expected

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will be in the firing line too and can expect heavy rain and bad weather for the rest of the week, with the possibility of thunderstorms.

Melbourne could see two to three weeks worth of rain on Wednesday, with between 15mm and 25mm for the city.

Sydney could see 10mm of rain on Wednesday and similar on Thursday.

Brisbane could see the system develop into supercell storms by Friday. 

The storm system will hit west of the Great Dividing Range first, then move east towards the coast on Wednesday and Thursday.

Brisbane will see showers and possible storms on Thursday and Friday

It will not be beach weather anywhere on the east coast this week or this weekend unfortunately

Towns west of the range such as Wagga Wagga will be heaviest hit with rainfall of up to 40mm. 

By the weekend Sydney could see some sunshine, although temperatures will be mild in the low 20s.

Sunshine won’t return to Sydney until Sunday or even Monday. 

Melbourne is likely to remain wet or at least grey for much of the weekend. 



Tuesday Partly cloudy 23

Wednesday A few showers Min 12 Max 23

Thursday Shower or two Min 13 Max 23

Friday Showers Min 13 Max 20 

Saturday Showers easing Min 11 Max 19

Sunday Few showers Min 12 Max 19

Monday Shower or two Min 10 Max 19


Tuesday: Shower or two .22

Wednesday: Showers. Min 12 Max 20

Thursday: Shower or two Min 12 Max 18

Friday: Partly cloudy. Min 10 Max 17

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Min 7 Max 23

Sunday: Showers easing. Min 11 Max 19

Monday: Shower or two. Min 10 Max 18


Tuesday: Late showers. 23

Wednesday: Rain. Min 13 Max 18

Thursday: Showers. Min 13 Max 20

Friday: Showers. Min 12 Max 17

Saturday: Showers easing. Min 12 Max 18

Sunday: Showers. Min 11 Max 21

Monday: Shower or two. Min 11 Max 18


Tuesday: Late showers. 17

Wednesday: Shower or two. Min 8 Max 14

Thursday: Rain. Min 9 Max 15 

Friday: Showers. Min 11 Max 17

Saturday: Showers. Min 12 Max 17

Sunday: Shower or two. Min 11 Max 17

Monday: Shower or two. Min 10 Max 16


Tuesday: Possible shower. 20

Wednesday: Showers, possible storm. Min 8 Max 16

Thursday: Showers, possible storm. Min 9 Max 18

Friday: Showers, possible storm. Min 8 Max 18

Saturday: Shower or two. Min 7 Max- 18

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Min 6 Max 20

Monday: Possible shower. Min 8 Max 19


Tuesday: Mostly sunny 23

Wednesday: Showers increasing. Min 14 Max 22

Thursday: Shower or two. Min 15 Max 25

Friday: Shower or two: Min 14 Max 25

Saturday: Partly cloudy: Min 13 Max 23

Sunday: Partly cloudy: Min 13 Max 25

Monday: Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 26


Tuesday: Cloudy 21

Wednesday: Cloudy. Min 15 Max 23

Thursday: Showers, possible late storm. Min 16 Max 23

Friday: Showers, possible storm. Min 16 Max 26

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Min 15 Max 29

Sunday: Sunny. Min 14 Max 29

Monday. Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 30


Tuesday: Sunny 33

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Min 24 Max 34

Thursday: Partly cloudy. Min 24 Max 33

Friday: Shower or two. Min 25 Max 33 

Saturday: Shower or two, possible storm. Min 25 Max 33

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Min 25 Max 33

Monday: Partly cloudy. Min 26 Max 33



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