Biden loses more support than any other president in first 9 months in office: Approval is just 42%

Biden loses more support than any other president since WWII: Approval ratings in his first nine months nosedive by 11% as independents abandon him and just 42% of Americans think he’s doing a good job

  • Biden’s approval is lower than at any other point in his term, Gallup poll revealed
  • His October approval rating is more than 10 points lower than average 
  • Only Obama has a larger drop in average approval from January to October 








Joe Biden has disappointed Americans more than any other president since World War II has at this point in their term, a new Gallup poll released Friday appears to show. 

The newest data come from a survey taken from October 1 – 19 and compares Biden’s average approval rating across the first three quarters of his term against every president since  Dwight Eisenhower. 

Biden lost a whopping 11. 3 percentage points from his first quarter approval of 56 percent to an average of 44.7 percent at the end of the three months spanning late July through October.

His former boss Barack Obama saw the second-largest dip in average approval, losing 10.1 percent from his first through third quarters.

Donald Trump, the only post-WWII president whose approval rating is lower than Biden’s at this point, saw a smaller drop of just 4.4 percent after having started with low expectations.

Independents appear to be driving down Biden’s favorability the most, from 61 percent approval at the beginning of February to just 34 percent in October. 

The historic drop is fueled by Biden’s inability to shake off growing public dissatisfaction over his White House tenure as his month-to-month approval rating slips to a new low of 42 percent in October.

His approval was dealt a massive blow amid a border crisis that appears to be spiraling out of control and the US’s hasty exit from Afghanistan at the end of summer.  

Biden’s plummeting approval ratings appear to have leveled off, falling just one point from September to October

But in good news for the Democratic president, his dip in approval ratings appears to be leveling off. 

In September he took a significant blow when his ratings went from 49 to 43 percent. The one point drop in October is modest by comparison.

Slightly fewer people disapprove of him as well, with Biden’s disapproval rating lowering from 53 to 52 percent.  

The party breakdown of Gallup’s October survey reflects the hyper-partisan environment of today’s politics. 

Democrats are still firm in their support for Biden. His approval rating among his own party never dipped below 90 percent at any point in his term and even went up by two points this month. 

Among Republicans, however, the president has hit a record low of just 4 percent approval. 

The 88-point gap between GOP and Democrats is the largest Biden has seen in his presidency so far and comes amid multiple ideological clashes.

Joe Biden’s approval has hit a new all-time low for the month of October, according to Gallup

It dipped only one point from September’s poor approval numbers

Normally apolitical, local settings such as public schoolboard meetings have become partisan battlegrounds as the number of violent outbursts caused by parents angry at critical race theory and mask guidelines lash out at education officials. 

Republicans have accused Biden of unfairly targeting parents after his Justice Department directed federal law enforcement to help crack down on what it called a ‘disturbing trend.’

Biden’s administration has also waded into political battles with the president’s sweeping vaccine order announced in September, affecting 100 million American workers.

A number of Republican governors, most recently Doug Ducey of Arizona, are mounting a resistance to the mandate.

Earlier in his presidency Biden’s approval ratings were dealt a blow by the US’s chaotic Afghanistan exit and a humanitarian outcry over a record number of Haitian migrants coming to the southern border from Central and South America.

While both crises have mostly exited the news cycle, the president’s approval hasn’t rebounded the same way.

Compared with most other presidents at the end of their first October in the White House, Biden fails to hold up. His 42 percent approval falls far short of the 53 percent average for US presidents beginning in 1938.

Since Eisenhower in 1952, however, only Trump’s Gallup approval at this point is lower – 37 percent. 

Bill Clinton comes close with 48 percent. 

The highest first-October approval rating belongs to George W. Bush with 88 percent, at a time when he was experiencing unprecedented national and international support in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks.


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