Brittany Renner Sarcastically Defends Alleged Lusting Over College-Aged Guys: “Call Chris Hansen NOW”

Brittany Renner does not seem to care about the rep she’s developed following her split with her son’s father, 23-year-old NBA baller PJ Washington.

Brittany’s critics have called her a “predator” for allegedly preying on Washington when he was merely a 19-year-old college ball player, in pursuit of a payday, especially considering her relationships with other famous people–such as Lil Uzi Vert and Colin Kaepernick–were unsuccessful.

Brittany and PJ’s 7-year-age difference has sparked debates, mainly with critics demanding she be held accountable in the same way a man would in a similar situation.

Unfazed by the backlash, Brittany has since been on her troll game on social media, letting people know legally she’s done nothing wrong. At least that’s the vibe she gave off Thursday when she shared a clapback of hers to her Instagram story.

The person who called her out was upset about Brittany telling parents to “hide their sons” as she returned to her alma mater Jackson State University last week for homecoming.

“Wow!!!! Imagine the outrage if a grown 30 something year old man went up to a college campus and tweeted a pix of himself with the caption hide your daughters smh,” the person tweeted. “Just keep the same energy both ways.”

The critic’s opinion echoed those who didn’t find Brittany’s trolling amusing or funny.

Despite the backlash, Brittany clapped back with a sarcastic response letting people know that technically, she’s doing nothing wrong.

“Yeah imagine someone 18 or older wanting to f**k me and me wanting to f**k them so we f**k…very outrageous! Call Chris Hansen NOW!!!!”

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