Willie Taylor’s Wife Went Live To Address Issues With Her Husband

Whew! Willie Taylor’s wife Shanda went live addressing some of his claims after he went live earlier to clarify why he left her along with their four children, sharing how he needed a break to focus on his mental health. Shanda explained that while her husband is taking a break, she never received the same luxury, even battling depression. “I don’t need any pity because these are my kids, I don’t expect to get a break, but I don’t get a break,” she said. “Even after having my last baby, do you think anybody gave a f**k about me? Especially that ni*** he didn’t give a damn.”

Shanda explained how Willie wasn’t available to help with her kids while she felt like she was going crazy and how depression is real. The mother and former “Love And Hip Hop” castmate said that Willie chose to go to AZ, but all she asks for is help from him. Shanda told viewers both of them are dealing with grief in different ways, amongst other things. The former Day 26 singer lost his father recently, and she lost some family members.

Some viewers on the live brought up the couple’s past issues dealing with cheating. However, Shanda said that was just only a portion of their problems. Several Roommates shared their opinions on the Taylor’s ongoing issues and felt like they should handle things offline. One commented, “I don’t understand why people love airing marital issues on the internet. Take it to a therapist or leave.”

Our thoughts are with Shanda and Willie, as mental health is essential for men and women!

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