Is Adele music’s most unreliable diva? Furious American fan says star has canceled on her TWICE

A furious fan who traveled to Las Vegas to see Adele over the weekend says this is the second time the singer has cancelled a show on her, after the superstar called off a 2017 concert in London citing damaged vocal cords.

Eleni Sabracos found herself with a gap in her itinerary in Las Vegas after the English crooner abruptly cancelled her residency with less than 24 hours’ notice, tearfully telling fans that the show isn’t ready because ‘half’ of her team has COVID-19.  

‘I am in Vegas right now and Adele cancelled her show, again!’ Sabracos fumed in a TikTok video after the star’s announcement. ‘Why!?’

It turns out this isn’t the first time the singer has left Sabracos in a foreign city with no plans. The New York City-based TV producer previously flew to London for a show at Wembley Stadium that was later cancelled.

In all, Sabracos has traveled a total of 11,420 mi to see the Grammy-winning balladeer – all for naught.

On Friday, the jilted fan showed was given a chance to FaceTime with Adele, 33, at Caesars Palace, where the singer promised to invite her onstage at her next show. 

Eleni Sabracos detailed her futile attempts to watch Adele perform live in a viral TikTok

The Real Housewives producer has tried to see Adele in concert three times, once with a fake ticket she bought off Craigslist

In all, Sabracos traveled a total of 11,420 mi to try to see the Grammy-winning balladeer 

Adele, 33, abruptly cancelled her Vegas residency with less than 24 hours’ notice on Thursday, tearfully telling fans that the show isn’t ready because ‘half’ of her team has COVID-19

Sabracos detailed her long, complicated journey in a TikTok video that has since gone viral, amassing two million likes and more than 12,000 comments.

It all started when Sabracos, who is a segment producer for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, according to her LinkedIn, bought fake tickets to see the singer at Madison Square Garden in New York City off of Craigslist. 

‘So then I bought tickets to her show in London and I flew to London. And these were not your average tickers. These were golden circle tickets,’ she adds.

‘And she cancelled her show. Mind you, I risked my life flying to London on this cardboard airplane called Wow Airlines that is now discontinued.’

Adele canceled her London show citing damaged vocal cords, according to the BBC.  

‘I had to push a lot harder than I normally do… it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords. On medical advice, I am simply unable to perform over the weekend,’ the singer said at the time.

Adding insult to injury, Sabracos says she ordered an Uber after learning the show was cancelled, moving her hand away from a screenshot to reveal the driver’s name: Adeel.

She then posted a video about the cancellation online and was contacted by the Ellen Degeneres Show, which decided not to go forward with a segment on her story because Adele ‘wasn’t doing any press and wouldn’t come on the Ellen Show,’ Sabracos explained.

She had made shirts for the 2017 show, including one for Adele’s son that says, ‘My mum loves Beyoncé.’

Sabracos pointed to how she ‘risked her life’ flying on a low cost carrier to see the singer in London in 2017 before she cancelled. Coincidentally, an Uber she ordered afterwards was driven by a man named ‘Adeel’

Sabracos said she was contacted by the Ellen Degeneres Show after posting a video about the July 1, 2017 cancellation, but the segment was cancelled because Adele wasn’t doing press at the time. Above, the singer at Wembley Stadium in London on June 28, 2017

For Christmas, her brother surprised her with ticket to the singer’s Vegas residency, which was supposed to kick off on Friday.

Sabraco’s TikTok has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with Finneas, brother and producer of singer Billie Eilish, offering her tickets to one of their shows.

‘Hopefully we won’t cancel,’ the 24-year-old said.

In a follow-up TikTok, Sabracos kept the story going by taking her viewers along as she was invited to Caesars Palace to FaceTime with Adele herself.

‘I love you, I’m sorry, I love you,’ she told Adele, who appeared on video via a cell phone. ‘I feel for you, I know you’re doing everything you can.’ 

Sabracos filmed herself on the balcony of her Vegas hotel after Adele cancelled on her yet again. ‘Why!?’ she screamed

Sabracos was later invited to Caesars Palace to FaceTime Adele herself, who invited her to come up onstage for a photo at a future concert

‘I just wanna get a glass of wine with you. Let’s get drunk,’ Sabracos said, forgiving the star for the multiple cancellations. ‘I love you, I’m sorry, I love you,’ she told Adele

‘I just wanna get a glass of wine with you. Let’s get drunk,’ she added.

Adele invited her to come onstage with her on a future date, with Sabracos squeezing in a joke about the singer’s new look.

‘I’m gonna bring you Angela’s shirt, yes. You’re too skinny now for your old shirt,’ she said to laughter.

Fans are questioning the singer’s claim that COVID infections among her crew and delivery delays are what caused her to cancel her Las Vegas residency with less than 24 hours notice on Thursday. 

The singer uploaded a sobbing video to social media on Thursday where she apologized profusely through tears but told fans: ‘My show ain’t ready.’ 

She added: ‘I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed. We’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid. Half my crew and team are [ill] with Covid and still are, and it’s been impossible to finish the show.’

Now, all of the shows she had scheduled between January and April have been canceled. Fans – who clambered to spend hundreds if not thousands on the tickets – now have until mid February to claim a full cash refund for them or hold on to them to use at rescheduled shows. 

Dawn Sinko, designer from L.A., spent nearly $4,000 on tickets and $1,500 on a room at Caesars for three nights. Now, she says Caesars is refusing to give her a refund for the first night even though it canceled the event

But some fans tell they aren’t receiving full refunds because they are now trying to cancel within 24 hours of the first night. 

Dawn Sinko, designer from L.A., spent nearly $4,000 on tickets and $1,500 on a room at Caesars for three nights. 

She told the hotel has agreed to refund her for the second and third night but not the first. 

‘This is just insanity. I’d understand if it was a different hotel but it’s the hotel where the event that was canceled is happening,’ she said. 

Sinko is a die-hard fan who said she could never ‘hate’ Adele, but who has been left sorely disappointed by the 11th hour cancelation. 

She says she isn’t buying the story that the show was canceled because of ‘crew’ sickness or delivery delays, and that something else must be at play. 

‘If Adele knew she was canceling, why did she wait until the last second? It still would have been horrible but even two or three days earlier would have made a difference. I was packed and checked in for my flight, and I’m by no means the worst case.’

Sinko paid $877 per ticket for four tickets to attend the first show. She said she didn’t mind spending extra to get to opening night, which would no doubt have been ‘really special’. 

On Thursday, Adele struggled to hold back her tears as she FaceTimed groups of stunned fans who had jetted into Las Vegas to watch her perform at Caesars Palace after her residency was cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

The singer, 33, offered a free drink token to the disappointed concert-goers during one call, before hastily retracting her proposal after realizing they were underage. 

Crying: Adele struggled to hold back her tears as she FaceTimed groups of stunned fans who had jetted into Las Vegas to watch her perform at Caesars Palace on Thursday night

Wow! Despite ensuring ticket-holders would be given a free gift bag from her store in Sin City, she encouraged them to splash even more cash on her merchandise after they had already lost thousands on seats reaching $12,000, not to mention travel costs

Eye-watering: $75 bottles of her favourite Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir wine usually retail for $40

But she urged fans to watch their spending after ensuring each ticket-holder received a free gift bag from her Vegas store, where personalized items including clothing, jewelry and wine were available to buy. 

Inside the pop-up, Adele-branded garments were priced up for more than some of the $85 tickets themselves, with sweatshirts ranging between $90 and $110 each. 

Also on display were varsity jackets, $50 T-shirts, $75 bottles of her favorite Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir wine (which usually retail for $40), necklaces with ‘Hello’, ‘Marr

A source close to the singer, whose hits include Someone Like You, Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory, has said that friends were becoming increasingly concerned, adding: ‘She used to look so happy. There are times recently she has looked terrified.

‘Her comeback happened so quickly. One minute she was living so far outside the limelight and then next she was being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

‘Adele was in prime position for 2022 being a massive year. She was due to break more records. Now things seem up in the air. It is very sad to see her like this, she looks nothing like her usual self.’

In a video call to a pair of star-struck devotees, Adele apologized for standing them up before claiming she had ‘bled, f**king sweated and cried’ into preparations for her gigs. 

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