Student tricks girls as young as 13 into sending him lewd photos before threatening to share them

A judge has described the crimes of a man who tricked young girls into sending him nude photos before threatening to spread them as ‘abominable’. 

Ranpati Amarasinghe, 24, was arrested by Australian Federal Police at his home in Melbourne in September 2020, after two years of his cruel sextortion scheme.

The student convinced multiple young girls as young as 13 to send him nude photos or videos after striking up a conversation online. 

Amarasinghe would then threaten to send the photos to the women’s friends, family or boyfriends if they didn’t submit to more of his depraved requests. 

In some instances even when his victims complied, the Sri Lankan citizen would send the images anyway because ‘whores deserve to be exposed’.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to to 25 charges of obtaining, publishing, possessing, or transmitting child porn or abuse material. 

Ranpati Amarasinghe, 24, (right) was arrested by Australian Federal Police at his home in Melbourne in September 2020, after two years of his cruel sextortion scheme

Eight of those counts were using a carriage service to transmit child abuse material and one count of publishing child pornography material online. 

Officers who busted Amarasinghe seized his iPhone and hard drive and demanded he hand over passwords to his social media accounts.  

Police found 42 pictures and two videos considered child abuse material on his hard drive and nine images and one video on his phone. 

The student used multiple fake personas to trick his victims into sending lewd photos including the pseudonyms  ‘Emma Law’ and ‘John’,’ News Corp reported.

One young girl was just 13 when she first sent naked images and videos of herself to ‘John’ on Snapchat in November 2018. 

After she declined to send Amarasinghe more lewd content he threatened to send the nude photos to her family and friends. 

He also messaged a few of the girl’s social media contacts and asked them to inform her ‘this was just the start’. 

Another victim’s mother took screenshots of a conversation Amarasinghe had with her daughter to the police after she complied with his demands for nude photos. 

The student (right) used multiple fake personas to trick his victims into sending nude photos including the pseudonyms ‘Emma Law’ and ‘John’ 

He threatened to send the images to her Instagram followers if she didn’t send more material, even after she begged him not to. 

‘Get ready to be ruined,’ he told his young victim and ‘want me to send these vids to ur friends or no?’

Amarasinghe promised the girl that if she sent photos once more he would leave her alone and get rid of the compromising images. 

‘I am ruining your life and you don’t give a s**t. You are a f**king whore,’ he said. 

A recipient of one of the lewd videos in Amarasinghe’s possession told him he could get in ‘serious trouble’ for circulating the child abuse material.  

‘If they wanna hoe around let them. You need to chill,’ they said. 

‘They don’t know what they are doing, and you could ruin the rest of their life if you spread this s**t. You can get in serious trouble too. I have close friends doing years for this s**t.’

A 17-year-old girl from the US made a statement to police that a user named ‘John’ had threatened her over Snapchat. 

After the pair exchanged photos he said he would tell her boyfriend they were speaking and demanded photos of her face, breasts, and vagina. 

‘I’m not feeling very nice today so you’re going to send me nude body pics or I’m going to send these to your boyfriend and he’ll break up with you,’ he said. 

He uploaded a photo of one of his 19-year-old victims to an adult pornography website with their full name and social media accounts. 

The student labelled the photo ‘hot teen’ and sent a chilling message to the woman he had demanded it from, saying: ‘you are going to be on porn’.  

Going off a tip from jurisdictions in the US and the UK, the Australian Federal Police searched Amarasinghe’s home in June of 2020 and found the child abuse material. 

He was arrested in September and charged with 25 child abuse material crimes with Judge Douglas Trapnell labelling him a ‘brutal coward’.

‘Your crimes are absolutely abominable,’ he told the court. ‘

It was brutal. It was bad enough to compromise these girls sexually but to carry through with threats. 

‘You’re a very horrible person. It’s really serious. This is as bad as it gets. I have never seen anything as bad as this in my career.’ 

Amarasinghe is likely to be deported to Sri Lanka after serving a lengthy prison sentence. He is due to face court to learn his fate on February 24.  

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