60p ‘sex change’ pills are being sold online

Sex change pills that claim to make users ‘grow boobs’ are being sold on eBay, MailOnline can reveal. 

The online marketplace is housing dozens of listings for ‘feminiser’ and ‘masculine- transitioning’ tablets, which can be bought for as little as 60p a pill.

They are marketed using voluptuous women or musclebound men with sellers of the most popular products located in London, Bristol and Newcastle.

Most of the items seen by MailOnline made dubious health claims, which doctors warned were designed to prey on desperate patients with gender dysphoria.

One aimed at trans women said just one daily pill could help them ‘grow boobs’, develop a ‘pert and feminine bottom’ and make their voice ‘higher and ladylike’.

Another marketed at trans men claimed to be able to ‘grow facial hair’, ‘increase…

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