Crystal Palace are considering flying up to Everton to avoid firework antics

EXCLUSIVE: Crystal Palace are considering flying up to Merseyside just hours before Thursday’s Premier League clash at Everton – with Eagles worried their sleep could be disrupted by FIREWORKS if they stay overnight after Toffees’ fans antics to Brentford







Crystal Palace are now giving serious consideration to flying up to Merseyside just hours before Thursday’s clash at Everton to avoid being awoken by fireworks in the middle of the night.

Officials at the south London club have hatched two plans amid concerns their sleep ahead of the fixture could be interrupted by fans setting off fireworks during the early hours of the morning.

Sportsmail revealed on Monday how the Eagles were looking into a last minute accommodation change at a secret location outside of Merseyside ahead of the game at Goodison Park after Chelsea and Brentford saw preparations for their respective Premier League fixtures at Everton earlier this month disrupted in the early hours of the morning due to bangers exploding outside the team hotel.

Crystal Palace are weighing up flying to Everton on Thursday rather than staying overnight

Everton fans set off fireworks outside the Chelsea and Brentford hotel to disturb the visitors 

It is understood that Palace have been exploring accommodation options in the Manchester area.

However, following further internal discussions, flying out on the day of the game is now emerging as another option for the Palace squad.

That scenario would see, depending on the weather forecast, Palace fly to Merseyside ahead of the 7.45pm kick-off on Thursday.

Ideally, the south London club would prefer to fly later in the day to arrive in Merseyside late afternoon before heading to a temporary base at around 5pm, minimising the possibility of having their preparations disrupted.

But the club have also organised the option of flying in the morning if the afternoon weather forecast is not favourable.

Away teams generally stay in the vicinity of their opposition’s stadium 24 hours before matches. But while flying on the day of a fixture appears to be problematic towards preparation for a Premier League game, Palace are confident it won’t impact on the players’ performance.

As it stands, flying out on Thursday afternoon – provided the weather permits travel, appears to be the most likely option for Patrick Vieira’s side.

Everton are in the midst of a relegation fight and it is claimed that Toffees supporters are deliberately setting off the pyrotechnics to wake opposition players in hope of giving Frank Lampard’s men an advantage.

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