Ukraine war: Militarily-strong Finland and Sweden’s NATO plans cause Putin’s plan to backfire

When Putin ordered his war against Ukraine back in February, he justified it by saying he could not allow the country to join NATO and bring the alliance to his doorstep.

But the move has massively backfired, with Finland and Sweden now set to break with decades of neutrality and join – bringing NATO to an 800-mile stretch of the Russian border while boosting the alliance with two top-of-the-range armies.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenburg says they will be welcomed ‘with open arms’, and it is easy to see why. With them they bring tens of thousands of troops, a formidable arsenal of artillery, top-notch spying capabilities and some of the quietest and deadliest submarines in the world.

And, crucially, all of those reinforcements will be positioned close to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia…

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