Q&A: How deadly is monkeypox, is there a cure, how is it treated and how worried should I be?

Seven cases of monkeypox have been detected in the UK in a surprise outbreak that has caught health officials off-guard.

For the first time ever, the rare tropical disease is spreading in the community and the pattern is ‘highly suggestive of spread in sexual networks’, health chiefs say.

Until now, cases have been confined to travellers and their close relatives returning from Africa, where the virus is endemic. 

Monkeypox can kill up to one in 10 people it infects, but the strain spreading in the UK is milder and has a fatality rate of about one in 100.

That is roughly the same as the first Covid virus that came out of Wuhan, however vaccines and natural immunity have made coronavirus much weaker.

There are no specific treatments or vaccines available for monkeypox infection, but its…

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