BMW M4 CSL priced from $303,900

BMW has confirmed the long awaited and limited-edition M4 CSL for the Australian market but is tight-lipped on exactly how many will find their way to Australian shores.

Not since 2003 when BMW launched its E46 M3 CSL have we seen the hallowed ‘Competition Sport Lightweight’ moniker apply to a high-performance BMW coupe.

Said M3 CSL was revered from the moment it was announced thanks to its motorsport pedigree, with lightweight panels, a spartan interior, race buckets, and minimal noise insulation for a thoroughly race car-like experience.

Creature comforts were few and far between, all in the name of performance. In standard trim, air-conditioning and audio system were left on the shelf, though owners could have fitted them at the time of order placement as no-cost options….

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