Curtis Scott to SUE Canberra Raiders over sacking that ‘cost him $1million’ over assault charge

Curtis Scott to SUE Canberra Raiders over sacking that ‘cost him $1million’ after he was cleared of assault – and left in footy limbo while he works as a courier

  • Curtis Scott and his legal team are set to sue the Raiders for unfair dismissal
  • The 72-game centre had his contract torn up 18 months into a four-year deal 
  • Scott will face court in August for assault charges that date back to 2018







Ex-Raider Curtis Scott will reportedly lodge an unfair dismissal case against his old club after being cleared of an assault charge last year that forced him out of the NRL and cost him more than $1 million.

On May 16 the ACT Magistrates Court deemed Scott not guilty of assault on the grounds of self defence after he broke a man’s nose in a clash at Kokomo’s nightclub in the Canberra suburb of Civic in May last year.

Scott (centre) arrives at Sutherland Local Court with lawyer Sam Macedone (right) on January 12 for an assault hearing involving his former partner in 2018

Scott said he punched a man after he felt threatened when he touched him and said he wanted to have a ‘gay experience’ with the player. 

The incident saw Canberra tear up Scott’s four-year contract in August last year, and the NRL fined him $15,000 and suspended him for three matches for bringing the game into disrepute.

Curtis Scott finds space on the edge for the Raiders. He played 23 games for the club before his contract was terminated in August 2021 

Scott’s lawyer Sam Macedone confirmed he is mounting legal action against the Raiders for sacking the 2017 premiership centre just 18 months into his deal. 

‘I am instructed to explore and look into any action against the Raiders for unlawful termination,’ Macedone told News Corp. 

‘I have started undertaking some work in that regard. Nothing was going to kick off until after we dealt with this matter in Canberra.

‘Now that this has been dealt with we will look at that possibility.’

The club allegedly used other, undisclosed incidents to support Scott’s termination. 

The clash with the Raiders isn’t the only other legal matter hanging over Scott’s head. 

He was arrested on January 5 at The Ridge Golf course in Sydney’s south and charged with assaulting his former partner, Australian triple jumper Tay-Leiha Clark back in 2018. 

‘I’m looking at also making sure we get out of that last tangled mess that he’s in with an ex-girlfriend making historical claims against him,’ Macedone said.

The former Melbourne player allegedly harmed Clark in multiple ways, including choking. He will face the court in August to defend the claims.

Curtis Scott with his former partner, Australian triple jumper Tay-Leiha Clark, who claims the ex-Raider choked her back in 2018

Macedone also pursued the NSW Police in 2020 for damages after Scott was the victim of an assault by officers on Australia Day that year.

Footage emerged after the incident showing Scott in agony after being pepper sprayed and tasered by police for 18 minutes. 

NSW Police footage of Curtis Scott in pain in January 2020 as officers unlawfully arrested him for acting erratically outside the Sydney Cricket Ground

NSW Police were ordered to pay a $100,000 legal bill over Scott’s unlawful arrest. 

Scott is currently working as a courier and has signed with the Thirlmere Roosters club, 100km south west of Sydney.

He will most likely miss the entire 2022 NRL season. 

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