Sleek Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan teased, again

Hyundai‘s ongoing teaser campaign for the highly aerodynamic Ioniq 6 electric sedan has reached new heights: in that it has started to actually show off parts of the car.

Up until this point Hyundai’s teaser content for the Ioniq 6 has included a stylised video that never actually showed the electric sedan, as well as design sketches.

This latest round of teaser content has been labelled a “design preview” and shows five cropped glimpses at the Ioniq 6.

The car in the photos is finished in a pearly satin bronze exterior paint colour.

The five teaser images show off different elements of the ‘Parametric Pixel’ lighting signatures, side profile and numerous air vents.

The latest and most revealing teaser image shows off the Ioniq 6’s smooth front wheel arch and alloy…

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