CVS and Rite Aid limit purchases of ‘morning after’ pills to three at a time

Pharmacy giants CVS and Rite Aid have restricted sales of ‘morning after’ pills to three per woman as demand spirals after the Roe v Wade decision — and Walgreens has sold out of the drugs that it can put up for delivery.

CVS — America’s biggest pharmacy chain — claimed it still had enough of the pills that can prevent a pregnancy in stock, but wanted to ensure ‘equitable access’.

The new guidelines affect Plan B pills, which are sold for $49.99 each, and the Aftera brand, retailed at $39.99.

Rite Aid — which has more than 2,500 pharmacies across northern states — said ‘increased demand’ forced it to cap sales of Plan B and Option 2, sold at $32.99.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade — which protected abortion in the constitution — has sparked panic…

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