GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Sunshine Coast rugby league player left in agony with arm at a right angle

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Park footy player left in agony with snapped arm shown sticking out at right angle in Sunshine Coast competition

  • Nambour Crushers player Tom Colvin suffered a horrible arm injury
  • In footage his arm is seen bent at a right angle after a tackle by a Kawana player
  • Colvin was heard yelling in agony and players reeled away in shock







Rugby league is a brutal game – and that was horribly evident on Saturday evening when Nambour Crusher Tom Colvin’s arm was bent at a right angle after a tackle in a game against the Kawana Dolphins.

Colvin was returning a bomb in the 52nd minute of a Sunshine Coast Rugby League division one game when he was tackled, legally.

The speedy winger stuck his arm out to break his fall, but unfortunately the limb snapped, leaving it to stick out at a right angle. 

Colvin yelled out in agony, as the tackler and several of Colvin’s teammates were seen walking away in shock with their hands on their heads.

It was a shocking incident for all involved, and not something any who was present will ever forget.

Jordan Lanuto was one of the officials managing the game and he posted about the surreal experience.

‘I was the touch judge for that game on the closest side and I was wondering why the defender was walking away, then everyone saw his arm,’ he posted.

Tom Colvin is seen putting his arm out to break his fall in a tackle 

Unfortunately Nambour lost the game 32-4, and currently sit last on the ladder with just the one win for the season.

Colvin recently joined the Sunshine Coast competition after playing juniors for Wests Panthers in Maryborough. 

The exact details of the injury are not yet known, or how long his recovery period will be. 

Players are seen reeling away in shock as Colvin’s arm is seen hanging at a right angle

The incident conjured up memories of the moment former Panthers premiership prop Ben Ross’ arm gave way live on The Footy Show, when he was arm wrestling with Wendell Sailor.

Former Brisbane Broncos, Queensland and Australian Kangaroos star Jharal Yoy Yeh also suffered an horrific ankle and leg break against the South Sydney Rabbitohs in Perth in 2012. 

In that incident his foot was facing the wrong angle and it ultimately ended his highly promising career.

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