Monkeypox will become a ‘permanently entrenched’ STI in the US, Cornell expert warns

Monkeypox may become a ‘permanently entrenched’ sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the US because its early symptoms are easy to miss, an expert has warned.

Dr Jay Varma, an epidemiologist at the Weill Cornell Medical School in New York City, said early infection signs are ‘innocuous’ and in hard to see places — like the inside of the anus — raising the likelihood it is missed.

This gives the rash-causing virus a window in which to transmit to others, before more serious signs like flu-like symptoms and rashes across the body appear. 

Varma added that the tropical disease was also being aided by a lack of STI testing in the US, leaving many cases un-diagnosed.

America has recorded 244 monkeypox cases to date, with another 43 spotted this weekend across 25 states and Washington…

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