UK’s monkeypox outbreak passes 1,000 cases as gloomy model warns of doomsday scenario

Monkeypox cases in the UK have risen above 1,000 as the rare tropical disease continues to spread, health chiefs confirmed today.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said there had been 1,076 infections as of Sunday, almost double the number a fortnight ago, in a sign the outbreak is not slowing down.

Officials said they expect cases to continue to rise further in the coming days and are advising anyone going to large events of having sex with new partners to ‘be alert’ for symptoms.

Cases continue to be predominantly among gay and bisexual men, and the outbreak has been linked to raves, saunas and dating apps, with the virus mostly spreading through unprotected sex. 

It came as modelling by a Strathclyde University professor warned the outbreak could continue for another year and…

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