Fauci, Recovering From ‘Rebound’ of Covid, Praises Paxlovid

But on the fourth day, he said, he was “surprised and disappointed” to see that he had tested positive again, and he suffered a recurrence of symptoms, he said, that were worse than before, including a low fever, achiness, a runny nose and a “mild cough.”

He called his doctor (you may be wondering who Dr. Fauci’s doctor is, but he would not say) and got a prescription for another five-day course of Paxlovid. In its advisory in late May, the C.D.C. noted that there was no evidence that additional treatment was needed with Paxlovid or other Covid therapies when rebound was suspected. But Dr. Fauci said taking two courses is relatively common among those who suffer rebounds.

In Pfizer’s application for emergency-use authorization of Paxlovid, the company did suggest that…

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