A 30-second selfie video shot from an iPhone may be able to predict if you’re at risk of a stroke

You’ve noticed the camera on your phone get exponentially better over the years.

But it might now be good enough to save your life — by spotting whether you’re at risk of a stroke.

Researchers have developed an algorithm that assesses the width of the arteries in your neck.

The programme works by scanning a 30-second video of someone’s neck, taken from a modern smartphone.

Narrowed arteries in the neck – known medically as carotid artery stenosis – is one of the main causes of strokes. 

Researchers in Taiwan took videos of more than 200 elderly patients’ necks using a 2014 iPhone 6. 

Participants were made to lie down on their backs and put their heads in a box while a mounted mobile phone filmed them.

The algorithm spotted nearly nine in 10 patients who had narrowed arteries and were…

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