DR LIZ O’RIORDAN: Magnum ice creams, chip butties and Twitter fans are helping my Mum face cancer

In March, my mum Isobel noticed a small swelling on the back of her upper right arm. It wasn’t sore, perhaps a bit tender. I took a look and decided she’d probably pulled a muscle while gardening

About a month later, she noticed a lump on the front of her arm – a palm-sized swelling on her bicep. Again, we assumed it was a sprain. Her GP referred her to a shoulder clinic.

On June 8, while Mum was waiting to be seen, she broke her arm. She was opening the door of a cafe when she heard and felt an almighty crack.

A week later, after X-rays and scans, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone.

As a former breast cancer surgeon who has had the disease twice, perhaps I should have seen it coming. But the truth is, like most people, I didn’t. No one did.

I was heartbroken she…

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